Stop the routine before the routine stops you!

Why repeating old routines or play the old same “game” until exhaustion? Why not try out different stuff? Why not try different stuff out? I don’t believe people haven’t understood yet how crucial it is to stop routine! How can one be creative if is still doing the same things over and over without having the guts or time, or whatever is the excuse to try new things out?

A while ago I wrote  – I like stress and you? – about being prepared for stressful and tough situation! And, How going outside of one’s comfort zone can be helpful on preparing you for future situations!  Now I am saying: try out new things as a way of improving your creativity and innovative abilities! I know, I know, sometimes it is not easy! You do not have the time, or the mental availability, or your are too stressed with your deadlines! OK, I understand! However, find a way to free up time to do it because it will help you out. Start with easy things like a new restaurant instead of the regular one; Or, go to a different gym and try different classes; Go to a new bar and try a new drink; Go shopping in a new neighborhood; Walk home by a different route; Listen to a different radio station in your way home; Read a book that you have never thought about; Easy, isn’t it? I like to call this the Lab Routines! You use a routine situation to try out something new and enjoy different sensations and emotions! Ah, and never forget to write down your experience in order to maximize what you can take out of it! The Lab Routines can bring something consciously or unconsciously to your mind! I have seen and experienced myself a lot of different situations: an emotion that unlocked a solution to a problem; an extraordinary idea that pop up on your mind; a visual detail that you can use; or simply a good time that helped you relaxing and being more focused on the following day. So, as you can see it can work in different ways but always with impact on you and your creativity and ability to innovate! If you want to be competitive in this highly challenging century please stimulate your creativity and ability to innovate, and never forget to develop your uniqueness! Please, be yourself! Routine kills the creativity and innovation!