Do you want to be a leader?

I love to enter a book store walk around, investigate and find (or not) something interesting. However, lately I have been feeling that non-fiction is going more and more into self-help,  books for “dummies” and cheap lessons on how to become a leader. To be honest with you, I must say that I hate these kind of books. Why? Because they don’t stimulate people to learn nor to think. For starters, books full of rules to reach the “unreachable”, a simplistic take-away, or the author’s opinions, are not the way to develop you as a person or a Leader. If one thinks that these kind of books one will become a respected leader then one should then one should  re-think everything about leadership. In my point of view, there is not such thing as a set of rules that can easily teach people hoe to be a Leader. Though, one can find books with examples of how respected leaders achieved that position or several studies and thesis on Leadership with typologies and other academic approaches. I do not want to sound pretentious by saying that but more than 70% of these books are what I use to say “fast food for the brain” meaning, easy-to-read books full of “recipies” and easy-to-follow rules.

Although, I do not believe in most of the published books on leadership or self-help, I do believe that some of them are interesting and can help with some food for though. Though, I also believe that if one want to become a strong leader, one must first know oneself before trying to understand others. There is no right steps nor recipes, just trial and error. So I use to say if you want to be a leader, try to be yourself and treat others like you would like to be treated. Do not copy other’s style, instead be yourself and create your own style.

Please, keep reading and don’t think you will  find easy recipes, because if you are finding them you are not reading the “right” books. Good reading is the one that inspires you to become a stronger leader, and a better human being!!!