Be Your Own Profiler Or Risk Not Knowing The Truth!

When interacting and socializing with people I keep coming across with the same strange and scary trait, people do not know themselves! How astonishing this is? Very, though not a novelty. Although everything is changing and being more focus on individuals than on institutions, people continues thinking that the most important aspects to know or master in life are Science, Economics, Math, Management, or any other aspect but oneself! How crazy is this? A lot, at least I think that way! How can one do whatever one does if one does not know oneself? One’s strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, traits, emotional aspects, abilities, capabilities…and everything one can and should know about oneself. I believe and preach that one has to know oneself before going outside trying to conquer the world – metaphorically speaking! Conquering the world can mean complex but also simple things like lead a team, develop a strategic marketing planning, manage a project or start up your own company. Even the simple things need a good understanding of oneself to be truly and successfully performed!

Please Stop! Take a moment of your time and try to know yourself. Be your own profiler, or you are seriously risking living your life without knowing what you are able of! 


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