Meritocracy in a War-for-Talent World!

Although I am a huge fun of Networking and Social Interaction, I believe in a culture of meritocracy and people is rewarded regarding is effort and ethics. I know… I know,  Social Networking can not be reduced to traffic of influence and to jobs for friends. In my point of view, Social Networking is a powerful tool, and like I wrote for brainstorming in The Art Of Brainstorming In The 21st century!, it can work as a competitive advantage for those using it correctly. Nevertheless, in a moment of economic crisis and dead ends it is very common to assist to traffic of influences and the use of networking to find jobs for friends, and friends of friends.

Being honest here, I totally hate this awful downside of networking! I am totally for a meritocracy culture, and I believe that by having one a company can be more competitive and better prepared for the future. Merit is a factor that, regardless not being referred in text books or business schools, can work as a competitive advantage fro those using it. Why? Because it rewards creativity, innovation and efficiency, and at same time it is a strong support for talent management. Nowadays, and due to the amazing advancement of the technologies associated to the Internet and World Wide Web, social networking is more and more in use and sometimes in misuse! For instance, some people believe that because they have a big off and online network they can successfully sell a false profile in order to be hired as such. Networking is a powerful tool to source and manage talent, though, it must be used wisely and as a complement of meritocracy. The companies having a corporate culture based on meritocracy are a step ahead of those doing Friendocracy! Please do not fall for the Friendocracy trap!


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