Communication: a Secret Weapon or an Achilles’ Heel? You Choose!

A couple of months ago I wrote about Active Listening – Ever thought about: why do we have two ears but only one mouth? – and the importance of doing it when communicating. Now, I want to focus on the messageand how communication can be a competitive advantage to you, and your companyI am sick and tired of assisting people pretending to be leaders, and failing to truly communicate! Communication is the process of conveying a message, and a lot of people are still failing to be honest, transparent, and respect their audiences. The word we are living in today it is so different from the one we were living in just a couple of years ago that a lot of people have not realized yet that a lot has changed. To start with, the technological advancements with the Internet and World Wide Web have just democratized the information and make each one of us owner of her own search for news! The era where newspapers and television were the solo places where to find facts on what was happening in the world is dead. Nowadays, one is free and able to find the information one wants without intermediaries or third parties. It is easier now to investigate for something when it does not smell right. So, I keep asking myself, Who can some people dare to lie and bullshit others in the 21st century? Not a Leader, I suppose! A real Leader must be able to well communicate with her audience, meaning that she should be able to listen (actively), and communicate with transparency and honesty, not with lies!

In my point of view, Leaders should start by respecting their audiences otherwise they will lose the trust of others, becoming poorer and sometimes even losing their most powerful “weapon“, their credibility! And this works also for companies. One can learn a bunch of rules on communication courses, though, if the message it is not honest, clear and transparent, everything will be at stake and your audience will end up feeling cheated. Respect your audience means being a Leader, and a Leader will always treat her audience respectfully!

Lesson learned, when communicating be truthful, honest, transparent and clear. You will gain your audience’s respect and trust! As you know, your credibility, image and brand are important aspects of being competitive. Thereupon, being acknowledged as respectful and trustworthy will give you some edge when facing your competition, and work as a real competitive advantage toward them!


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