Backwards or Forward?

Unfortunately, I keep seeing people, companies, institutions and governments trying to live backwards! Back to when they knew how things will happen and work or just when they felt more secure! Well, I regret to inform you but one cannot go back into those times, things have evolved, changed and now we live in a different time. Everything is faster, Innovation is the King and uniqueness the Queen. People is supposed to contribute in different ways, creating value not only as an employee or an owner. Individuals can do a lot of contribute, collaborate and share in a total different way and creating high value to the community. So, keep thinking backwards will not help you or your company. The sooner you acknowledge the world you are living in has changed, the sooner you will be able to build something new and add a higher value to you, but also to all of those supporting and collaborating with you.

The commencement of the 21st Century will be about innovation, technology, uniqueness, creativity and (global) collaboration! A faster pace for business and at same time a quest for quality will be also in demand. Trying to close your eyes and pretend that you still living in the 20th century will not help you and you will live bitter and unhappy live!

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago – A Premature Generation Gap! Can You Feel It? -, a new and faster generational gap is a reality and it is here to stay. A faster pace for change it is a recent phenomenon and it happens due to a quicker and “easier” innovatory and technological advancements. Everything is changing must faster meaning that, like I read on an amazing post at The Leadership Advisory Blog, wrote by William Powell – Adopt, Adapt or Adios! However, if you really want to be competitive and a leader of your industry you must also Innovate, Create and be Unique. 

One year ago I wrote How Do You Want To Play This New Game?, and I am still writing today about the same subject! Some people and companies are still not understanding that they have to chose between keeping looking backwards and live in the past; and learn form the past, move ahead, and manage forward!

Good luck! Ah, and move forwards!


3 thoughts on “Backwards or Forward?

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