Time can be a friend or an enemy!

Is there a right time to react? Yes, I think so! Although you have a lot of opportunities to react to a situation, you have only a few chances to do it right. Hence, you must anticipate and be prepared! Gaining time and leeway is key when dealing with decision making. I believe that, time can be positive or negative, it will always depend on how you use it!

For example, if you are an entrepreneur starting your own business, it is crucial to do it within the timeline you make your analysis for. If you miss the shot, you may end up with a completely different situation at-hand and to what your assumptions and diagnose do notwork anymore. Another good example of how important your reaction-time is, it is connected to proactivity! Managers should anticipate trends and act proactively toward change in order to avoid being overtaken by new comers or existent competition. Keeping an eye on your goals it is important, though, keeping an eye on what is happening inside and around your company it is crucial. Why? Because, If you reach a position where you are trapped, taking decisions and reacting will be much more complicated and limited. Limited by the pressure of doing something and complicated due to the likelihood of being short on resources as cash and human capital. So, the sooner you identify potential changes or problems the better you will deal with them!

Some lessons learned: first, there is a better time to react; second, it is not true that you have only one opportunity to react, though you must try to go for the one that helps you more; third, keep monitoring not only your environment and competition but also your own company, because sometimes the problems show up internally; fourth, pay close attention to the future; fifth, have a back up plan prepared to react as quickly and wisely as possible; sixth, avoid being trapped with limited time and resources to respond; and seventh, do not be afraid of change, react as soon as possible and, as I wrote on my last post – Decisions: a headache or an opportunity! -,  use change and decision moments as opportunities to improve and be better prepared for the future.

Time can tic tac to cause you harm or to help you being stronger and more competitive! You chose! If you are not aware of changes and well prepared to face them I can say that time will be your worst nightmare. Though, time can help your dream come true if you use your opportunities wisely to anticipate, be prepared, innovate, be creative and change whenever needed! Enjoy your time wisely!

Have you ever faced a situation where you had to react and had not anticipated nor prepared it?


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