A Premature Generational Gap! Can You Feel It?

On the other day I came across with an amazing cartoon, by Mashable Comics, where a guy says to another “…you kids today, with your “cloud computers” and “Google Docs”…In my days, we attached files to our Emails, and we liked it that way.” And the other replys, “Dave, you are like two years older than me”. This is a behavior that you can assist more and more within companies or even among friends. Can we call it Generational Gap? Yes, though, there is a difference between the Generational Gap from the 1960s, between a child and he’s parents generation, and what we have been assisting, happening mainly between people born in the same generation. Today’s world is faster than ever, and even if you are only a couple of years older you can feel a kind of “generational gap”. This Gap is normally boosted by technology and innovation, and have a broad and deep impact in one’s life. I believe that a lot of people is feeling, or have already felt, something similar to this. I must confess that my first time was back in the 90s when the computers start to be King. Obviously, a lot have changed but the feeling is still the same, a sour taste of falling behind! The problem today is that even if you try to cope with this fast changing, you can easily feel the same way!

How can one face this? And better, how can one overcome this? Everything moves fast, it is difficult to keep up with everything happening so fast around us. And even if you put a lot of effort on do it, you will quickly find out that you are not succeeding! That way, I would go for a better prepared mentality to face the negativity of the falling-behind feeling. Therefore, I strongly believe that better than fighting back or feel demotivated, one should instead acknowledge this new reality and stay focused. I must say that a future-oriented mind would be helpful, and this should probably start with: first, be aware of one’s limitation; second, be willing to continuously learn; and third, keep an open minded regarding novelties. Why? Well, this new century is more demanding on knowledge and asks for an along-life-learning mentality. A faster world is demanding for an open-mind orientation, and an educational system that teaches more about how to learn than on what to know. Although there is no right or wrong solution, it is really important to face this trend with humbleness, open-mind orientation, and willingness to learn in a different and continuously way. In a word, Change is needed and is part of the solution. Let’s win this Generational Gap challenge through the willingness to Change!   


One thought on “A Premature Generational Gap! Can You Feel It?

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