Words For Starters!

Motivation is a trendy subject nowadays! You open your Email or go for your Tweeter and is every where. Though, I believe that motivation is much more than a price on top of your salary or a firm party if the profits are up. Motivation should be in the company’s Cultural DNA, built in the company’s vision. Motivation should be felt in everyday routines, able to influence moods, or keep UP the performance. It can simply start with a word, a word to let your people know how important they are to the company and how important their thoughts and ideas are. However, instead of having their people thinking and innovating, a lot of companies still want to have them following orders and rules, like robots. Commonly we assist to companies behaving as owners of their employees, forcing them to do everything by the book with zero of spontaneity. You know what? These companies are done! There is no space for companies who lead people with in a short leash. Why? Because these companies are killing innovation and creativity, they are not future oriented, and they just want to be on the safe side of the business. Guess what? There is no safe side anymore! The today’s business world does not have compassion for those who does not want to take risks or be different. Being on the safe side and do not allow employees to think, be innovative or creative is saying you are already out of the business.

Lately, I have been writing and thinking about things that we are not used to face as competitiveness factors like happiness, sense of humor or motivation. In How can happiness be a Competitive Advantage?, I mention happiness as a competitive advantage to a business, and in Sense of Humor Keeps The Bankruptcy Away, I speak about sense of humor can keep bankruptcy away. Now, I am saying out load that motivation can help a company being stronger and more prepared for future challenges. I am also saying that a word can be a good commencement, mainly for those who are more reluctant in giving up on control and let more creativity in. 

Some questions you should ask yourself to diagnose what kind of leader you are. Is motivation key to your company’s goals and to achieve your vision? Have your team a crystal and clear view on the company’s vision? Do you allow your team to think? Do you give them time and space to come up with their own ideas? Well, If your answers are NO, then you should think about the whys on the NOs! How about starting with a word? A word of motivation when your people do well and also a word of motivation when they do less well! Motivation can be a good commencement and a strong base for you to shift from a controlling leadership style to a more delegating one, something with more autonomy and flexibility in it! If you are not too sure about it or how to do it, start with small steps, but please do something or you will not be in business any much longer!


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