How can happiness be a Competitive Advantage?

How can happiness help you, and your business, being more competitive? Can happiness be considered as a competitive advantage? 

Yes is my answer to both questions! Nowadays almost all the companies have discovered the power of operational efficiency and how key a good sourcing can be. And for those who haven’t discovered this yet watch out because you are probably in a very bad shape! Having this said, the companies willing to be leaders or competitive players must pay attention to other aspects like uniqueness, creativity, innovation and social responsibility. I know that these are all different and powerful aspects, though they all have something in common! If you want to have these key inside your company you need to quest for them and have the right (happy) people working with you! Well, I know! Now you are saying: oh yes, but how? I know, I know, it is not easy, and I am not able to give you the right path to achieve it, and I doubt that such a path exists. However, If you are happy doing what you are doing, and surrounded by people who are also happy with what they are doing, you are on the right track! Obviously that happiness is a flow, with ups and downs, and not a constant! However, you can say that you are happy with what you are doing even if you want to do more and differently due to your ambition to be better or mastery on something! Happiness propels people to be creative and innovative, obviously that they need some autonomy and flexibility to do that!

The tricky question here is to know, how can you keep people and yourself happy and motivated? I foresee happiness as a key competitive advantage in a very near future! A future where you need more and more to differentiate, innovate, create uniqueness and have social responsibility! Something that your “audience” is eager to have, and willing to build a community of followers and evangelists around it. These communities foresee high value on what a brand is doing and want to collaborate with it, helping with new advancements and improvements! The future is collaboration, sharing, and leverage on your uniqueness to help others. But you only do that if you are happy with what you are and do, and if you have your basic and some complementary needs covered! In other words, if you have enough money to live without thinking about how to pay your bills in the end of every single month! And that your company or the companies you buy from are also focused on being fair, helping others and collaborate on the global development!

Happiness is a key competitive advantage and the only way to development!  


3 thoughts on “How can happiness be a Competitive Advantage?

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