Do you need inspiration? Steve Job’s Commencement Speech @Stanford University 2005

Although I am not a big fun of Apple products, I am a huge fun of Steve Jobs. I have to say that Steve Jobs changed the way we look at technology today, in a way, he democratized and demystified it. He compelled himself to be happy and like what he was doing not being afraid of failure, and ended up inspiring people to pursuit their own dreams. I must also say that his passion and enthusiasm is contagious. He is a visionary with an amazing capacity to push ahead, never give up, do things the way he think is best, and have as much pleasure as possible when doing everything he does. As he keeps saying, you want to love what you do and if you haven’t find it yet please keep looking for it until you have found it. By not being afraid of failure or make mistakes he was able to fall and stand up so many times that he started Apple, got fired from his own company, boosted Pixar into another level, and finally recovered his Apple back. Apple was in bad shape but not dead as Steve was able to show us by rethinking the whole business again and focus on people and anticipating their needs. That way he was able to be leader in markets that he “created” like MP3 music players, smartphones with special focus on connectivity or mobility, applications able to enhance the way one uses her mobile phone with Apple App Store, content with iTunes, and tablet PCs. On top of that he built a brand that means much more than just products and a huge community of followers that understood that Apple was different from the rest and were willing to pay a premium price to have it. Steve Jobs changed the way we do business today, he changed the way one interacts with a brand in a way that no own had done before. His vision, “stubbornness” to do what he really liked, passion and leadership are EXTRAORDINARY! I feel poorer for not having Steve Jobs running a business anymore, and I believe that the business world is also a bit poorer with that fact.

Please watch Steve Job’s amazing commencement speech @Stanford University in 2005!


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