Error: the good, the bad and the unavoidable!

A few months ago I wrote about failing and how can failing be extremely positive on your journey toward success – Have You Ever Failed?. In the same way that failing is, in my opinion, positive as part of the learning process to build something, making mistakes can also be very positive. Errors are part of the growing and learning process and can help you adapting to our word too. When everything is changing at a fast pace, it is normal that what works today can be an error tomorrow and vice-verse. Therefore, trial-and-error starts to be a good way of doing something! Solutions to problems are less definitive. So, I believe that making calculated mistakes can be a way of behaving. However, do not start making mistakes just because you have an authorization to it. An error is a positive thing when it helped advancing into the “unknown”, a way of facing a volatile situation, or a different approach for an ordinary problem in a different environment.

Although I think errors can be very positive, I must say that the systematic error without any special reason is to me a sign of a bad work and incompetence. Errors must lead to lessons learned, a step closer to a better solution, or a new approach to an old situation. If an error does not lead to something or is systematic, then you are facing incompetence, and spoiling resources that are normally scarce.

Final question: are Errors a positive thing? Yes! But they must lead to something, do not afraid making mistakes is a positive thing until the moment you fail because you did not care or understood what was at stake. The threshold here is quite thin and appears in a blur way! So, be prepared, do your best up-front, and be reasonable. You will see that even if the result is not positive you have learned and can take away some lessons from what happened. Learning with your mistakes is key to your success in21st century. Though, chose your errors wisely, it seems difficult but is doable! Fully experience your “good” errors, avoid the “bad”, and deal efficiently with the “unavoidable” ones.

Ah, and face your challenges with creativity, innovation, open mind, try to avoid spoiling resources, and care about the environment by being “green” !


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