Sense of Humor Keeps The Bankruptcy Away!

Good humor can smooth your day! I am used to deal with a lot of stressful situations, so I keep my sense of humor up not only as a way of venting the stress, but also as a way to avoid more stress! Having a good sense of humor as part of the company culture does not imply less rigor or commitment. Though, it can mean a healthier and more productive environment. Regardless the kind of leader you are, you should try to use this amazing skill (sense of humor) more often. You will see that in the end of the day the job will be done in a better way, more efficiently and by a highly motivated team! A “company” with sense of humor on its DNA is a much more inspired, less stressed, and more competitive company! Along with the sense of humor should come also a healthy work environment! People should be able to have flexibility when working, for instance to go to the gym, or have a place to relax and recover from tough meetings and situations! These can bring the negative stress down and help gaining in productivity.  A company with a relaxed atmosphere does not mean a company without discipline or organisation, it means a more-creative and better-prepared-to-innovative company! And this is applicable not only to Tech companies but also to all the other companies willing to be competitive in this highly challenging 21st century. Innovation and creativity are in need to face the challenges ahead, and a company can help by facilitating the right culture, mentality and environment.

Being a leader is much more than just achieve results or increase shareholders value. Being a leader is about having a vision, developing a “nose” for talent, empower people, spur innovation and creativity, cultivate uniqueness, and be an amazing listener. Obviously, on top of that if one has a good set of managerial and technical skills the better. Ah, sense of humor is a must on a Leader’s list of traits and skills! Leading people it is not easy but you can learn and improve it. I am against the idea that leadership traits are innate. I believe in learning and adapting. There is no right way for being a  Leader, though it exists a wrong one. Thus, sense of humor can help you finding your way to a good leadership.

Sense of humor keeps the company in the good way! 😉


3 thoughts on “Sense of Humor Keeps The Bankruptcy Away!

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