Is there such thing as too much social media?

No, I do not think so! Although I don’t believe in the idea of too much social media, I believe in wrong, uneven, unadjusted, and bad implemented solutions and strategies. What can bring the sense of failure or overwhelming. If one does not have a strong will, a reason to do it, and a good understanding of what Social Media is about, than one should STOP,LISTEN and TRY first!

In my point of view, a verdict of “too much” social media can happen for several reasons, being the most deadly: lack of real motivation and reason to do it! When someone is asked about the whys of investing in a Social Media Strategy and replies, “because everybody is doing it, so I am also doing it”! Something is really Wrong! If you are going for a Social Media Strategy you must be willing to do it because you can see the value in it. You must also be prepared for a totally different reality and open-minded. Social Media is about trial and error, there is no scientific method or secret recipes. Forget the almighty ROI as it use to be! You will have to reinvent you KPIs and go for a strong SEO strategy! You don’t know what SEO means? Well, start studying the key concepts and tools for social media otherwise you’ll be just spoiling money. More to that and also very deadly, If you are defining your online strategy by adapting and sometimes even copying what you have been doing offline on the traditional channels you are already DEAD! You need to be fully and really committed to the experience, try and more than everything don’t be afraid of losing control or fail!  You’ll gain a lot, it is really a one life-time experience!

For those who are skeptic or want a more structured approach, please find here some steps to be done before going blindly on Social Media.

  1. Understand what is in for you, and be open minded to new things. Start by enumerate the reasons why you’re doing it! You should find the following two reasons among your list: “I believe I can connect better with my audience and add value to them”, and next to that “I believe I can increase the value added to my overall business, and that I am building a more competitive and future oriented business”.
  2. Assess your Audience (clients or future clients) through an extensive diagnosis and only after that go for a social media strategy. Accordingly to the Audience you identified as yours, define goals and the strategy to achieve them.
  3. When defining the strategy, choices must be made: plans, channels, approaches and actions. Choices that must be aligned with: the targeted audience, its behaviours and consuming preferences; overall mission and business strategy; defined goals (marketing and PR) and available resources.
  4. Align Audience>Mission/Business Strategy>Goals and never forget to incorporate the company’s culture and uniqueness when translating all the elements into a marketing strategy, only that way it will succeed. Ah, don’t forget to align online with offline strategies, use their synergies to boost your business and make it more future oriented!

Social Media is all about trying it! If you want to do it is because you foresee something positive about it and you will fully commit to its success! If you are not sure about it, you will fail for the wrong reasons!

Go and try it!


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