What drives you? [Video] Daniel Pink Animated Talk!

Have you ever thought about what really motivates people? Well, I bet you are thinking about rewards, cash and prizes rewards. Do you believe that what motivated people 50 years ago is still motivating people today? What has changed in the last 50 years? A lot! We live in totally different Age, an Age where information, technology, creativity, collaboration, purpose… are key! So, I will ask you again! What in your opinion motivates people?

Lessons learned: Autonomy, Mastery, Challenge and Purpose are important drivers on this XXIst Century!

What kind of challenges do people and institutions face regarding Motivation and Drive on this 21st Century? A last question & food for thought! Share your ideas with us!

Thanks @DanielPink & @theRSAorg Animation for animate amazing TEDTalks!


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