The Power of Complaining!

Is it complaining positive for a business, or even on personal matters? An employee, a client or a partner that complains means engagement and interest which are good things. However, complains are positive if leading to pragmatism, new solutions or innovation. If you do not complain about something not “working” or that could be better you are missing an opportunity to improve and also motivate (involve) people. I sometimes use complains to vent like every human being, but in the majority of the times I complain to highlight a problem that needs attention (urgent or not) and a solution. I like to face it as an opportunity to do things in different ways and risk out of the ordinary. And Yes, I do believe that it can also be a way of being creative and change things. I face errors, mistakes and problems as opportunities to change and improve. Sometimes it is on one’s hand sometimes it’s not. When it isn’t we should push to have things done and solved, and if possible to be part of the solution.

So, complaining means engaging and interest but it means also that someone is willing to leave her comfort zone to see something done or achieved which is on my viewpoint a key skill for the 21st century, and a trait that companies should look for when hiring its talent. Please do stimulate your team or partner to complain and fight for something that he or she feels could be done differently or expressed in a different way.

For me, team work means diversity and sharing different points of view!

An old saying says: “two heads think better than one”. True! But only if both “heads” are allowed to freely express and “complain” their ideas! at the beginning it is tough but you’ll get used to that and more you’ll see the amazing positive results! Good Luck!


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