Have you ever failed?

You’ve never failed? No? Are you sure that you take risks and face challenges?

You know that fail is allowed. Only by failing one learns a lot of important things, things that will be very useful like: know how to rise again, know how to “better” fail or even release some of the accumulated steam when facing a stressful situation. Succeed and fail are two faces of the same coin, one may end up never assisting to one of them. Nevertheless, succeed might have different meanings accordingly to different aspects and ways of facing life. Well, for me succeeding comes along with risking, going out of comfort zones or trying out new solutions. Succeed comes with not being afraid of the unknown, it comes also with the ability to create something new without having a manual, innovate. Regarding failing, it is a straightforward concept, not difficult to understand what it means.

However, one may say that one has never failed which is ok, but why? Why has one never failed? Because one is really good at what one does? Or, because one has never risked doing something out of the ordinary? Something that might end up wrong, as a failure!

A failure is to people like a good aging process in French oak barrels is to wine. Failure gives character, maturity and certainties to people helping enjoying better a good success. I am not saying that you should go for a failure, what I do say is that one should not be afraid of it or use it as an excuse to avoid risking in own projects. Failure gives also a sense of reality helping facing challenges with a different posture, with more weapons to fight adversities and unexpected events. In martial arts one learns how to fall in order to better do it when needed. A Sensei teaches her students how fall without harming yourself, and how to take advantage of it when facing an opponent. Not wanting to discuss here the educational systems but already discussing, one should be able to fail along your education, though you would need to have an educational system based on developing people able to think and act by themselves instead of copy-past machines only able to repeat what is on manuals.

Fail is part of the growing and maturing process, and should be faced as something normal that has its positive aspects beside the negative ones that everybody knows. Failing is part of the success process, as I mentioned in the beginning success and failure are two faces of the same coin.  Differently from gambling, in this cases one will have tails or heads depending on internal and external aspects. Though, I normally suspect of those who show of their zero failures. Successes without failures are very unlikely to happen but…they do and good for those who have them.

Nevertheless, failures are part of the success process!


6 thoughts on “Have you ever failed?

  1. Great post! It’s so true that when you stop fearing failure, that gives you the freedom to take risks. I’ve taken plenty of risks and failed plenty of times but I regret nothing. The risk-taking and failures make me who I am, both personally and professionally. And some of the risks I’ve taken have been really successful, so you never know how it’ll turn out until you try!

  2. I think failing is a massive part of the online marketing process. You learn from your data. But the trick is to learn quickly and turn that knowledge into profit. So whilst it’s good to celebrate the odd piece of failure, it’s even more important to look at the systems you have in place for tracking what you do and monitoring how to turn it around.


    • Dear Jon,

      Yes I agree. Yes learn on the fly is a crucial skill for the 21st century. Failure happens, if you can avoid at least learn from it.
      Thanks for you comment 🙂
      Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. “success and failure are two sides of the same coin” — So True! I like to think if you haven’t failed you’re not taking enough chances or flipping the coin enough as the case may be 🙂

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