Week’s best of [week 32]

Great content.

5 Mistakes That Weaken Your Writing By The Urban Muse [@urbanmusewriter]

“I’ll be the first to say that being a successful freelance writer requires more marketing and business savvy than writing skill. Writing beautiful, flowing prose won’t make you much money unless you know how to market yourself, negotiate fee structures and contracts, and keep your editors happy. That’s why this blog usually focuses on business strategies for freelancers.”

Great tips about mistakes to avoid when writing.

3 Reasons Why CEOs Hate Social Media by Eric Qualman [@equalman]

“Allan Mulally [Ford], Tony Hsieh [Zappos], and Howard Shultz [Starbucks] embrace social media and their companies have benefited. However, many CEOs despise social media. This can be challenging for the social media champions within companies or social media consultants trying to help companies. For the socialmediarati, we have a choice; we can call these CEO’s disparaging names, or we can better understand why they hate social media. The first may be more fun [name calling], but the later is more productive and beneficial.”

Great info if you want to have you CEO on board.

Can you answer the most painful question in marketing? By MARK W. SCHAEFER [@markwschaefer]

“The other night I was having a beer with a friend who is a beginner blogger. He was lamenting that he was not attracting many new readers or comments. I let him go on for awhile but finally had to hit him with the most painful question in all of blogging … marketing… perhaps in all of business: “What makes you special?”

The best post I have read in the last weeks.

Is There an App for Strategy? By  Joe Chernov [@@jchernov. ] via eloqua

Extraordinary cartoon.

Social Media Strategy Lessons From Pepsi by Alyson Shontell via War Room

“With millions of Facebook fans and Twitter followers, Pepsi is one of the few big corporations who have a good handle on social media.”

Great example.


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