How much time would you like to invest innovating and creating?

I would like to have at least one day a week to invest innovating and creating: new solutions and products, new business solutions, new approaches, new plans and much more.

Why such an interest in creativity and innovation?

In my point of view, creativity is a highly valuable and crucial skill if one wants to successfully face the challenges ahead in this 21st century. If one born full of creativity how come one gradually loses it when ageing? Well, I have one or two major causes for that, not scientifically proved but empirically. First, schools are teaching the wrong “stuff”; and second, society in general and companies in particular, do not want to have it (to them creativity do not create value). Companies with this behavior will not last.

How can you cope with your responsibilities then? You are asking. Well, by being more organized, efficient and motivated.

How can one convince a CEO to invest in creativity and innovation?

Well if it was not yet a common practice in the company I would try to convince him or her with quick wins and a well structured change plan. For what I have assisted, CEOs are interested in figures and corporate strategy. How can therefore one have their attention? I strongly believe that to trigger a corporate change regarding creativity and innovation one needs to achieve quick wins something that one can show as an improvement. However, a problem remains: how can you find time to develop your new project (increase your company’s creativity and innovation levels)? A way of gaining time, and that I have already tried with success, is by improving your company’s efficiency. How can you do that? You start with all the processes that you are responsible for or related to: map them, identify bottlenecks, wrong or inefficient steps and better alternatives. That way you will increase the overall efficiency, saving time and resources to be spent in your new project: creativity and innovation. You can start with less important processes, extending later to more complex and important areas where it is more complicated to change. It is important to have a brainstorm with your team in order to explain why and how do you pretend to do that and ask for their help. You should explain at the very beginning how will you implement your “project” and the kind of actions that you have in mind. You will see a lot of people excited and motivated with it. People like to contribute and use part of their time to think and develop new

Google is a good example. Google’s employees have to invest 20% of their working  time in own projects that must be presented later . A lot of the products and services now offered by Google were developed in this 20%. Amazing isn’t it? Google is not the only company you search and you will find very interesting cases.


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