Week’s best of! (posts and videos)

These are the posts that I stumbled upon this week and elected as the best of. Week 31 (2 – 8 August).

Some of them are a bit old, nevertheless in my opinion they are a must read/watch.

I hope you like it.

“…I find that many people have heard that they ‘should’ have a blog, but worry that they are just not the blogging type, or don’t think they will have anything to say. Is there still hope without a blog? I would say ‘yes’. After all, a blog only works if you actually post to it and actively promote it. It’s no silver bullet and it does take time and commitment, and honestly, it’s not for everybody…

A great post about alternatives to traditional blogging.

“…Feeling stressed out? You’re not alone. Luckily there are things you can do to help keep those stressful feelings under control. Some strategies require life changes, but other strategies take very little time and leave you feeling calmer almost instantly. If you can find 5 minutes, you have plenty of time to start doing something about your stress…”

Great and practical tips to relax and relieve stress.

“…Ever wonder where you’re supposed to find the time to promote your blog? If you’re blogging in your spare time, it can seem impossible. You’re already struggling just to publish a post every weekday, and sometimes you can’t even manage that…”

Great help for those who want to improve their Blogs.

“…Some small businesses start without a business plan, finding success in a breakthrough product or service early on and building upon that success organically. However, it’s inevitable that the venture will need to have a structured business plan put in place at some point if the business is expected to scale, expand and ultimately thrive. This well understood concept is the basis for what I’m informally labeling “social business planning”, yet from my experiences working across multiple organizations, the current focus remains on social media programs (the external) without putting in the appropriate social business infrastructure (the internal). Sound like theory? It’s not…”

An amazing and well-reasoned post with a pragmatic framework for Social Business planning.

An Amazing video [YouTube] on augmented reality. A bit old nevertheless a must watch.

“…Finding for a job on twitter? Today we have a special guest post by @AutumnStJohn a freelance writer and editor in sunny London gives us 10 superb twitter tips of using twitter for job search…”

Great tips on optimize your Twitter account to increase your chances to find a job on it.

“…Creativity is mandatory not just for designers, it is also important for writers too. There are days when you seem to be so overwhelmed with your work or just simply can’t get your creative juice flowing. But did you know that if you are on the Social Networking Platform Twitter, you maybe able to get the boost you need?…”

Great post on Creativity a must read.

Enjoy a good reading!


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