Don’t worry, Be creative!

I have just read an article and guess what? Another article with tricks, tips, secret ingredients and special “recipes” to achieve the “el dorado”.

I must say that I hate books with secrets, easy or pre-made recipes.  I understand and agree that for some situations one needs well-defined, tested processes and by-the-book procedures, otherwise repeat tasks or emergency situation could not be held successfully.  However, I believe that a lot of companies and people exaggerate in the use of these standardised and routine procedures, ending up poorer in creativity and uniqueness.

Although companies abuse on procedures and typified processes, I believe that this is even worse in the education sector, where young kids and adolescents are taught not to be creative or innovative. Educational systems are focused on “know-by-heart” and multiple choice exams instead of learn-by-doing and testing. After studying the basics about a subject the students should challenge, what they have learned, and be challenged to try different solutions and approaches. Engaging in different activities and less “marketable” options should be an option, something feasible and viable.  When certain students show an “abnormal” creativity (in the good sense) or less orthodox ways of solving problems they are normally encouraged to stop that and go for a more “normal” approach or status quo.

So, what are governments and schools creating here? In my opinion, this is a “past-and-copy” system, a system where a pattern is defined and tried to be replicated on all students. Students are not incentivised (or at least not enough) to develop their uniqueness and creativity. Obviously that I am exaggerating here, however this happens more often than desired, not preparing the students for a a faster paced and more challenging future. Creating amorphous, less flexible and less prepared professionals.

The 21st century will be geared by different key skills and competences: know how to question and dig for new solutions, adaptability, versatility and communicability. In this new paradigma, all the companies and institutions wanting to succeed and lead their markets “must” cultivate a culture of creativity,  innovation and curiosity (know more and different “stuff”).

So, please do not criticize people just because they do things in a different way or want to innovate and create something new.

A challenge a day keeps you in the play! Don’t worry be creative! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Don’t worry, Be creative!

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