What do you prefer? A Paycheck every single month or a monetary value!

In the first post I wrote  about “amateurs” that produce, share and collaborate because they want to be recognized as experts (help to master and brand). We are all “amateurs”, aren’t we? For this one I would like to go further and ask you: Are we better if we act as amateurs with a monetary value instead of professionals with paychecks?

Well, it depends! As an amateur you think “I am free”! We do not need to do it every single day, nevertheless we do it because we are “in love”. We do it in a passionate, efficient and creative way. We do it without fearing failures, judgments, being misunderstood or even being out of “your scope” (professionally speaking). Why? I am not a psychologist, though I believe that we act like that because we feel safer, in a more protected environment, an environment where we think we are in control therefore, we contribute in a riskier and deeper way. However, this will always depend on us. If we cannot feel free to go deeper, risk more, be more creative and innovate when doing something as an amateur, then probably it does not matter if we are a professional with a paycheck, or an amateur only with his or her passion.

Although, I believe that the right thing to realize is: first, we act differently when being amateurs and not professionals; and second, we are in general better. Relevant question: how can we act as amateurs when being professionals? Dizzy? Don’t be! It is quite simple! How can we full profit from our creativity, risk more and go off our comfort zone when being a professional? Well, probably when we empower ourselves and try not to work with the paycheck in mind. I do not have a solution but I believe that you will have your paycheck if you master what you do and do it in a professional but out-of-the-box way. I know, companies have also to change, yes it is true. However, people should be more entrepreneurial and find a way of be an amateur with a monetary value not a paycheck-oriented.

Not easy but we can try, can’t we?

Good luck! If you have some entrepreneurial adventures share them with us!


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