How do you want to play this new game?

I like to follow trends and novelties, to analyze how people and companies are evolving and doing business! And I must say that too many people is still playing this new game using old rules and practices. Are you assisting the same thing?

We are in the 21st century, where information and technology are key to whatever you do. An era where innovation, creativity and talent (people with talent) are more crucial than ever. Companies in all industries are facing a faster paced economy, the same economy that proved not working efficiently with old models anymore. Where, in my opinion, conservative (traditional) companies should change and become lighter, more flexible and readier for change. Regardless people have already realized  what I have been mentioning, a lot of companies keep stubbornly doing business using old rules, stone-age methods and technologies. Why are they still doing it? This  is really the one-million-dollar question. Well, I believe that they do it for different reasons, but I must be honest and say the one I believe is the worst: people do not want to change! They keep asking: If we have been successful untill now, why shall we change? Why? because the way you do business it is declining, losing competitiveness and spending more than gaining! When do you will change? In the eve of the big lost? When the bottom line is not positive anymore? Well this should be the conversation that one should have with these stubborn people! Because resources are scarce so the better we use them the better the utilization we can get out of them.

The world is changing very fast, the way we should do business must also change. Nowadays, we do not need to have a big  company to reach the market, the market is more global than ever, products/services are marketable easier and needing less cash to happen! Small is real and happening, if you have uniqueness in what you do, authenticity and you are good at doing it please do it! But pay attention to trends and shifts lead and chose instead of being chosen! What is missing to this companies is a new and fresh way of doing business.  Change is not easy but is crucial. To be totally honest here I do not believe in manuals and rules to turnaround or change. Again, we are not anymore in the era of one-size-fits-all today we can choose even if what we chose is in the other side of the world! We are better informed but we haven’t unleashed our non-technical part yet. We have to ask three times before being creative or doing something differently.

Challenge: Let’s try to do something in a different way everyday day!


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