Opening Post!

Welcome to my new Blog “XXIst Century”! “Mi casa es su casa”

What is it about? A 21st-century oriented blog, where crucial subjects and future trends with impact in our lives will be discussed.

Is there any main Objective? Yes! Discuss interesting subjects with a human and multicultural touch. Respecting the difference and uniqueness with a strong focus on communicating and commenting what is new,  innovator and creative. Watch Future Trends wherever and whenever they are and happen.

How will it work ? Always with your active participation and comments 🙂

Why this blog? Well, because it will be different and unique. It will be a very open to particiaption, democratized and multicultural Blog.

Ah, Who am I? Well I am a simple person who tries to be a strategist, marketer, thinker, implementor and trends watcher. Always with a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial focus. Borned in Portugal I am currently living in Brussels, Belgium!

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