We are all “amateurs”, aren’t we?

A while ago, I realized that you do not need to be a professional anymore to be able to share your insights and contribute with your knowledge to a pool of content. The World Wide Web enhanced people to become an “amateur” (meaning here someone who does not make a living out of that subject) sharing ideas and collaborating on something bigger than his or her own backyard and garage experiences. What motivated me to write this post were the amazing posts that I have been reading lately and that were written by these so called “amateurs”. I must say that they were amazingly clever, sharing insights and content in an openness that one was not prepared to enjoy for free! I should say that probably the best posts that I have ever read were written by “amateurs”.

What is an “amateur”? For this matter, an “amateur” is someone who produces content out of his or her own expertise gained through a “second life”, a non-professional life, a hobby. Well, if I have to make a bio of them, I should say that they are passionate people, people who like to share what they love most. They spend almost all of their free time investigating, gathering info and data, analyzing and writing about it. The content that they produce is to be shared with their peers (people with the same passion, most of them are not professionals also) to be farther discussed, developed and improved.

Why? Why do they do what they do? In my point of view, for three main reasons. First, for recognition, they want to be recognized as experts in a subject where they are not professionals. Yes, I know, it is a bit cumbersome to understand at first hand! Well, they want to be recognized as “experts” by their peers and readers (virtual readers). Second, for improvement and help on mastering their “art”. If someone out there on the World Wide Web can help with new ideas for them that is great. Last but not least, to brand and to help marketing themselves and their by-product(s). Their expertise can be leveraged in the market and help achieving a better positioning.

Nevertheless the why (I believe is mostly to achieve recognition), this is the twenty first century novelty, at least for the beginning. Everybody can upload or download whatever they want for free, for a fee or just for the cost price of producing it. Not only the content that has a big and well identified demand will be published, the niche stuff can also be shared and read by whoever who wants it. Democratization of content for readers and producers will help humanity evolving in a more diversified way. Ah, by the way the reach is also amazing everybody with an internet connection can easily reach it through the World Wide Web.

The Great Digital World! Where everything is only a click away!


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